Sydney Wine Tasting Tours

Hunter Valley winery tours from Sydney are by far the most popular choice for most but as you will see over in our recent blog post about wine regions near Sydney there are other options that might suit you better and we will give you honest local advice to help you choose the Sydney wine tasting tour that fits best.

“We went out with Scott from Your Sydney Guide for a day trip of the southern Highlands, including a wine tasting and lunch. Scott was a wonderful host! He kept us Americans entertained with information about Australia throughout the day. He knew the best place for lunch, shopping, and sweet treats”

From our experience delivering Sydney wine tours we find guests fall into certain “wine drinking” categories and that the wine tour or wine region choice is best matched up with the level of interest and investment that each guest has. So below is 3 categories of wine traveler that we come across and the Sydney wine tours and regions that we recommend for each.

  1. You enjoy wine and wineries but you are not a wine connoisseur and you would just like to experience a scenic Australian vineyard while you are here: Best choices: Blue Mountains day tour with winery visit or Southern Highlands tour.
  2. You a moderately interested in wine and wanting to learn a bit more about it and try a variety of wines near Sydney: Best Choices: Southern Highlands wine tour for a shorter day with less crowds and great scenery options too or/ Hunter Valley if you want a more engaging wine tasting experience and don’t mind the longer drive time.
  3. You are a serious wine drinker and collector and you want to visit internationally known vineyards: Best Choice: Hunter Valley wine tour 

The Sydney wine tour itineraries in the options below reflect the above categories but keep in mind that this is your day and all elements of the tour itinerary are flexible. If you have wineries you would like to visit, we will gladly include them in your day.

Tour highlights

  • Local Guides
  • Breathtaking Views
  • Flexible Itinerary
  • Charming Local Villages
  • Gourmet Lunch Options
  • Local Food and Wine
  • See Native Wildlife
  • Scenic Drive

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